"Own the Poem" Challenge Info


See below for information regarding rules and guidelines for the Gateway Library's

Own the Poem Challenge!


  • Poems must be memorized (but you can bring a copy for "comfort" and to check if you get a little stuck
  • The poem you memorize and share must be at least 5 lines long
  • Original poems are acceptable, but must be determined to have had some thought and imagination put into their creation;
  • You can share up to two poems for entry into the raffle for prizes, but keep them coming after that (if you want - we love them)
  • Be sure to have the name of the poem and the poet when you come so we can find it online and  make a copy for our bulletin board (i.e. our "Wall of Fame!"
  • Tickets will be drawn for prizes during the first week of May (once the contest is completed).
  • Both teachers and students can participate
  • Teachers - encouraged to set an example for their students ;-).


Copy of Original "Own the Poem" Challenge Poster