Career Research - Simpson 22-23




O-Net Career Profiler - Self-Evaluation Test
Before beginning your career exploration, take this self-assessment to see where your strengths, challenges, and interests lie.  This will just provide hints and suggestions, and shouldn't alter any other interests you might have.


  • O-Net - Occupation Search (Next Steps):  Search jobs by keyword, industry, or activity
  • Explore Military Careers:  If you are specifically focusing on military careers, use this site to dig down into particular possibilities with in the military branches.
  • MassHire - Information System:  (Log-In: user name: greenfieldcc, and password: greenfield,  then "Occupations" tab,  and "Occupations").  job requirements, educational requirements, salaries, skills, etc., plus video interviews with members of the profession



  • Career One-STOP:  visit this site for descriptive videos of various career options, as well as other important information.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook:  This site provides information about the future prospects of particular careers - will there be a greater or lesser demand for people to work in these jobs, etc., salary increases or decreases, new careers opening up in different career areas, etc.  Use the search bar to explore different careers or career areas.



Citing Your Sources


Open "My Bib" and paste your website's URL address in the space provided and choose "Search".  Choose from the site options that come up (ideally there will be only one) by clicking the item.  If you hold your cursor over the provided citation, there will be three dots on the right side (next to an image of a globe).  Click the three dots and choose: "Copy Bibliography Entry" to add the citation to your Bibliography / Sources Cited page.  You can choose "Copy In-Text Citation", if you want the accurate "in-text citation" for the body of your paper / project.