DugganCivics Project Resources


Use the following links as needed to support your research:


  • "Global Issues in Context". Once you open this page, scroll down alphabetically in the white, inset box until you find "Global Issues in Context"


Specific Student / Group Topics:

Expanding Public Transportation (to the Hilltowns):

Anti-Bias / Bigotry:

7 Period School Day (with Mental Health Implications):

  • Benefits of a 7 Period Schedule (
  •  LA-Times Editorial (with links to studies)
  • You will want to speak with Superintendent Smidy about the underlying reasons why we eliminated the 7-block scheduled during the pandemic, and why it was not restored when we came back to school full time.  This will give you the info about the arguments you'll need to push back against.

Teaching More Home Economics & Other Practical Life-Skills in School:

Disability Employment Support in W. Massachusetts:

Adding Advisory / Directed Study Period:

Encouraging Small Business Development in the Hilltowns:  (Hailey)

Stopping Hate Crimes / Harassment / Discrimination:

More Funding for Local Emergency Services (EMT, Fire, Police, Etc.)

Teaching SAT Prep as a Regular School Course:


Non-Database Resources:




Other Resources:


Human Resources:  Politicians, officials, experts to contact for info and to make things happen...