Chorus: Hamilton Choral Collaboration BCW (Beauregard)





Hamilton Choral Collaboration: Ms. Beauregard (HS Chorus]) - Spring 2021

Featuring:  Joseph P,   Katrina N,   Leah S,   Katelyn M,   Ariana M-K,   Meghan G.

Select student members of the Gateway Chorus Program participated in a workshop offered by the Broadway Choral Workshops organization.  All participants were given a "Hamilton" medley as well as a rehearsal track and were asked to familiarize themselves with their part prior to start of the workshop.   During the workshop, Director Ian Weinberger provided notes and direction to the singers and recruited volunteers to be soloists.  Following the workshop, all participants were asked to record their part, which were then fused into one, collaborative performance which you can watch by clicking on the link below.  Great work!





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