Gr. 3-Littleville: "The Iditarod" Slideshow (Bak)



dog sledding


"The Iditarod" Community Slideshow: Ms. Bak (grade 3 - Littleville) - Spring 2021

During "Read Aloud" time, Ms. Bak shared the stories of Balto and Togo (hero sled-dogs from Alaska, who carried serum through a storm to Alaskans dying of diptheria in 1923).  She followed this up with reading group work about sled dogs and the sled-racing tradition.  Students were then divided into partners and worked, in online "break-out rooms" to research specific questions and create a slide, which was then added to the community slideshow to form one, unified presentation.  GREAT WORK, kids (and Ms. Bak!).


*** Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move slides if the presentation doesn't give you enough time to read a particular slide...

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