Sample Schedules for Students & Families to Build From

schedule-icon1  Sample Schedules for Students Home for Closure

Hello, Staff Members:

These might make sense for you in terms of providing your students and their families a "jump start" for organizing their days during the school closure.  At this point, we do not know for sure when we will be back, and it's important to develop and sustain some form of consistency and routine during this very non-routine time.  Below are some suggested schedules that apply mainly to elementary school and middle school, but could easily be adapted to high school as well.  The key take-away is that some form of a "structured" schedule / routine will be very beneficial to students at all levels in terms of staying in the right mindset, and in terms of navigation the anxiety and uncertainty of the situation.  


I recommend having your students create a schedule, and then sitting down with their parent(s) or guardians to "revise it" where necessary;  or, having them work on it together from the start.  If a student has some ownership of the schedule, they will be far more likely to engage in it.




schedule 3



My daughter's schedule (6th Grade)



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