Resources for Staff - COVID-19 Closure


Below are some resources I hope will support some of you in the work that you're doing.  Please contact me at any time for help:

  • Finding specific readings, videos, tutorials, and other resources that you would like to add to your Google Classroom for your students.
  • Technology support - getting any of your distance learning software (etc.) to work for you.
  • Curriculum support - to brainstorm ideas, and plan distance learning lessons

You can contact me at:, or at 413-320-1004.

*** Please email me any resources you find that you think would benefit other faculty or staff and I'll add them.   ~Thank You!





Containing amazing art and creative writing by Gateway High School Students.

Take some time to discover just how creative the students at GRHS are.  Perspectives is a magazine, created by our students with the guidance and support of Jeri Beauregard (chorus and Spanish teacher for the middle and high school).




teaching-toolbox   RESOURCES for TEACHERS planning ACADEMICS and ENRICHMENT:

  • here you will find an evolving list of resources that you can draw from to enhance the curriculum you're providing through your Google Classroom pages.  Keep in mind, we are not, necessarily, doing traditional lessons, so there is some flexibility in terms of how you engage your students.  





Public Library - Online

The safest way to travel and meet new people during the closure





  • SELF-CARE - Keeping yourself health, calm, and balanced during the closure