Edgenuity Tech Support

EDGENUITY classroom pages are generally very user friendly, but there are times when the technology acts up and issues arise.  I am almost always available if these problems take place during the school day, but you may run into issues at home, or at school when I am busy.  Below is a link to a trouble-shooting guide. This contains a regularly updated list of issues that have been faced by students or by me over the last few years interacting with Edgenuity.  I have organized these by catagories so you can located them more easily.  If you don't see you're situation / issues listed, please feel free to send me an email and ask for help:  Mr. Brown.

You can also contact your teacher (through your course dashboard), or contact Edgenuity Support.  If you submit a "form" request for support, they are generally pretty quick getting back to you.  

The support phone number is:  877-202-0338  -   option 3


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