Gr. 8 (Dekarski) - "House On Mango Street" Collages SP2018



Ms. Dekarski's 8th Grade ELA Classes, Spring 2018

This project involved students, working in groups, analyzing chapters (or vignettes) from Sandra Cisneros's novel, "The House on Mango Street".  Students used technology to create a multi-dimensional expression of the chapter their group was assigned.  They used images, music, and text to back up audio recordings of group members reading the chapters.  The result is a powerful combination of media that adds depth, meaning, and emphasis to the ideas, words, and imagery of the chapters.  Check them out!

  • Ethan W. | Evan T.     Icon
  • Chloe G. | Landon R.      Icon
  • Leah S. | Chyenne M.     Icon
  • Addie K. | Ryan M.    Icon
  • Allison B. | Morgan N.    Icon
    Garrett L. & Group    Icon


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