Curriculum, instruction, and assessment form the Literacy foundation for students.

Gateway Regional employs a comprehensive approach to that enables students to acquire a wide range of increasingly sophisticated knowledge and literacy skills.




    • Reading - ability to understand complex texts in traditional formats such as books, magazines, and newspapers or new formats such as web sites, blogs, wikkis, and other emerging technologies.
    • Writing - use the written word to communicate to persuade, explain, and or convey real or imagined experience.
    • Speaking and Listening - communicate orally and cultivate interpersonal skills such as evaluating multiple points of view, listening thoughtfully in order to build on and constructively question the ideas of others while contributing ideas, and reaching agreement and achieving common goals through teamwork.
    • Using Language – apply essential “rules” of formal written and spoken English and develop a large vocabulary.



Explore how Gateway implements key practices for building literacy skills: