School Climate

What is School Climate?

According to the National School Climate Council, school climate refers to the quality and character of school life. It includes:

  • Norms, values and expectations that support people feeling socially, emotionally and physically safe;
  • People are engaged and respected;
  • Students, families and educators work together to develop, live and contribute to a shared school vision;
  • Educators model and nurture attitudes that emphasize the benefits and satisfaction gained from learning;
  • Each person contributes to the operations of the school and the care of the physical environment.
  • (Retrieved December 9, 2011 from

 This section of the website will have information related to School Climate at Gateway schools, and is being developed by the School Climate PAC (Parent Advisory Council). The School Climate PAC meets with the Superintendent throughout the year to promote a positive school climate for all. This website will have information on Bullying, School Climate Strategies at Gateway, and meetings of the School Climate PAC.